Rites of Spring 45 - EarthSpirit (2023)

Rites of Spring 45 - EarthSpirit (1)

Rites of Spring Application and Registration Information:

Rites of Spring begins on Wednesday, May 24, and ends on Memorial Day – Monday, May 29th, 2023. The Village Builders Assembly (open only to returning participants) begins on Monday, May 22. This year we will also accept a limited number of weekend-only registrations with Friday evening arrival. Advance registration is required for the gathering and registration and payment will be accepted until Monday, May 1, or our attendance cap is reached. If the event fills, we will maintain a waiting list and expect we will be able to offer at least some people on the waiting list the opportunity to attend.

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Everyone is expected to remain on site from the time they arrive until the time they leave except in cases of emergency. If you know you will need to depart before 3pm on May 29, please send a message in advance to rosreg@tamelinproductions.com.

Advance registration is required for the gathering and the final deadline to register and pay is May 12.

Arrival times are:

Monday: 11am – 2pm for Village Builders Assembly
Wednesday: 1pm – 9pm
Friday: 6pm-9pm

Please Register Online if at all possible. You can pay with a credit card or send a check.

Unaccompanied minors (under age 18) may be permitted under limited conditions. Please speak with someone in the office before applying.

Please direct any questions about your application to rosreg@tamelinproductions.com or call the office: 413-238-4240. Our office is staffed by volunteers so replies may take up to a week, especially in the early registration period. Thank you for being patient.

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If you have not received your directions by May 16, please call the office or email rosreg@tamelinproductions.com. Before then, please be patient.

Meal Plans:
We offer a variety of meal plans for our participants, and options are outlined on the registration form. Participants may also choose to prepare their own meals. If you choose to cook on site, please plan to set up a camp kitchen and bring everything you need except ice for your whole stay. Refrigeration and kitchen facilities are not available for general use.

Seating for those on the meal plan will be available outdoors and indoors, and meal service will be adapted to try to avoid long lines and crowding.

We are able to provide food for omnivores, vegetarians, and usually for those who are gluten-free or dairy intolerant. If you have other dietary restrictions, please plan to supplement the provided meals with your own items. If you have serious food allergies, please let us know in advance on your registration form and check in with the kitchen when you arrive. We suggest that everyone bring some items for snacking, especially for your children.

Note that meals are included for all Village Builders participants up through Wednesday lunch.

We are able to provide food for omnivores, vegetarians, and usually for those who are gluten-free or dairy intolerant. If you have other dietary restrictions, please plan to supplement the provided meals with your own items. We suggest that everyone bring some items for snacking, especially for your children.

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Rites of Spring Registration Rates
Registration rates have increased a little this year, reflecting our rising costs for the site and for food and other supplies. We stagger rates to encourage early registration and limit weekend registrations since there is a cap on attendance this year.

Payment must be received by the deadline stated, or you will be charged the rate for the later deadline. Financial Aid information is below this section.

Registration Fee Table
for Applications Postmarked by:
April 3
May 1 by mail
May 1 online
Option 1: Rites of Spring Full-week Wed. 5/25 -Mon. 5/30
Adult (over 17)$300$325
Children (ages 5-17)$185$185
Option 2: Weekend only Fri. 5/27- Mon. 5/30
Adult (over 17)$265$265
Children (ages 5-17)$155$155
Option 3: Village Builders Assembly 5/23-25

Plus Full-week registration Wed. 5/25 - Mon. 5/30

Adult (over 17)$400$425
Children (ages 5-17)$235$235
Meal Plan Fees
Full Meal Plan
Dinners Only Meal Plan
Weekend Meal Plan
Weekend Dinners Only Meal Plan
Adults & Children

13 and up

Children, ages 5-12$115$80$100$55

Please direct any questions about your application to rosreg@tamelinproductions.com or telephone us at 413-238-4240

Important - Registration and Refund Policies

All mailed applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2023. On-line applications with PayPal will be accepted until midnight on May 1, 2023. All payments must also be received by May 1.

Credit Card payment is accepted through PayPal only, whether using online registration or sent to to rosreg@tamelinproductions.com when using a paper form.

Any exceptions made by phone or email for “last minute registrations” after May 1st will be charged a fee of $25. All returned checks will be assessed a service fee of $20.

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Refund Policies:

  • Requests for refunds will be considered if received in writing (email is fine) on or before May 1. We cannot accept refund requests by phone, nor can we make exceptions to this date except in cases of documented COVID-19 infection or exposure fewer than 5 days before the gathering.
  • Refund requests received before April 15 are eligible for either cash or credit towards Rites of Spring or Twilight Covening within one year. Requests received between April 15 and May 1 are eligible for event credit only, with the COVID exceptions detailed above.
  • If we have to cancel the in-person event and go virtual due to state law or camp policy regarding covid, people will receive registration for the virtual event and the remaining amount will become a credit that can be applied either to Twilight Covening 2023 or Rites of Spring 2024. All credits expire at the end of May of 2024. If we cancel but do not go virtual, all fees will be credited toward one of those two events.
  • All refunds will be charged a $45 processing fee.

Register Online

(you can pay with PayPal, check or money order)
If you choose not to use PayPal or credit cards via PayPal, mail the printed application results and your checks or money orders to:

Rites of Spring Application
c/o Tamelin Productions
P.O. Box 340
Williamsburg, MA 01096

Financial Aid
If money is the only thing preventing you from attending, please apply for a scholarship or one of the work exchange positions available. We want to make it possible for you to come if we can. Most assistance will be partial and will include some work exchange, so please be sure to indicate what you can contribute to your registration even if it is a small amount. Exchanges usually involve physical labor – working in the kitchen or with the children, moving equipment, packing up at the end of the event, etc., – or sometimes a job prior to the beginning of the event.

Applications for Financial Assistance must be received before April 3rd.

Applications for financial aid are a part of the general application process, and the earlier you apply the better.

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The more information you give us, including any special skills or abilities that could be contributed on a work exchange basis, the easier it will be for us to find the best way to help you come to Rites of Spring.

We include a space on the application form for anyone who would like to contribute toward a fund for further scholarships. We have always received enough money between these donations and the tithes from our Merchants to enable several people to attend who otherwise could not.

In early May registered participants will be sent a link to a private confirmation web page which will include directions, what to bring and all of the information you should need in advance. If you have not received this information by May 16, please call or email rosreg@tamelinproductions.com; before then, please be patient.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Register Online



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