Lift compatability/geometry with the Power Wagon American Expedition Vehicles (2023)

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By changed I mean, did Ram actually change the steering and suspension geometry for the PW in comparison to the non PW. I know the radius arms are a bit different with the articu-link, but did that actually make everything spec out to the same geometry as the regular Ram? Obviously the steering and track bar are on the same page with each other (I would think) but are the angles "changed" from the non PW? I am not sure how they could actually engineer a change in the steering angles unless they have more of a drop pitman arm, lowered the steering box, or have the drag link in a higher location at the axle end.

And if they did indeed change steering geometry for the added lift then it would seem to me raising the steering another 3" with this kit, yet only actually raising the truck 1" (with using regular coils), may cause an issue. Or no? I suppose it would only be for the better, most likely, as it would be on more of a level plane.

I am not out to keep the PW springs just to have it taller. I also like the idea of softer, better riding, better flexing (most likely) springs that I already paid for in the first place. I dont want stiffer springs that are made for hauling heavy loads, holding up a plows and salt spreaders and heavy duty bumpers. I want to keep the PW springs that have the same payload as my wifes minivan Lift compatability/geometry with the Power Wagon American Expedition Vehicles (1).

My original thoughts (way back before AEV added in Ram trucks) was to just do a 2" coil spacer in front, 1" in back, correct length shocks and a good steering/track bar correction that I could find. Then I saw the AEV kit and thought I found the answer. But once you change out the springs it will only lift a PW roughly 1" in the front and basically none in the back. Doesn't really seam like much of a benefit to me, other than the front axle being forward an inch. Maybe if I was hauling heavy loads and adding heavy bumpers and gear etc. it would be beneficial to have the stiffer springs, but that is not going to be the use for the truck. I guess I dont think like or use my truck like you or most people who buy AEV products.

Your stable of vehicles has me envious. The Unimog took it over the top.

(Video) How to build / order a AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) Prospector XL!!

Don't forget the AEV lift moves your axle forward 1" in the front and probably (AEV confirm?) gives you a bit more articulation, it does with the other rams, but maybe the wagon already has alot of that. Without that axle moving forward and accounting for all the geometry changes associated with it, you won't clear 37" tires cleanly. I believe. Atleast no without trimming - my CTD with a 2" leveling kit required trimming to fit 35" tires...not done by me but the previous owner.

(Video) Ram HD DualSport SC Suspension

Plus you get your payload back by switching the springs out with a kit engineered with that in mind.

Look at the door sticker on a power wagon, my F-150 has a higher payload rating (and could handle heavy loads much safer and easier than my brother in laws power wagon). You could add air bags and/or stiff sway bars to a power wagon to straighten it out.

If you want to lift a truck for looks this probably isn't the kit for you. Idea for my personal use is lowest center of gravity to get the best mix between approach, departure, breakover, and ground clearance. If I could run 37" tires with zero lift, that's where I would be (like the 3G rams can).

If you like the jacked up look for mall crawling or desert high speed running (no offense, each to their own) than there are other options.

I think its pretty clear that the 13.5+ powerwagons are not limited by spring on articulation, so changing springs won't affect that much.

Don't forget, adding the AEV bumper to your truck if you do, is going to add hundreds of pounds to your front suspension. You said you were not going to do this, but the indended use was for a heavy bumper probably. On my CTD it added 350-400lbs to the front tires, but a wagon already has winch weight from the factory. All the more reason to beef up the springs in the front. And if you change the front springs, better change the rear or your frequency will be off.

(Video) RAM Power Wagon Gets a Suspension Upgrade

I love the fact that the lift keeps some 'rake'. So perfect for towing. I can toss 2,000lbs (with hitch weight and other crap) on the back of the truck and go down the highway level, with no fussing around air bags, and no one flashing their brights and me, and not feeling like 20-30MPH gusts are going to blow me off the road. Almost all other lifts leave zero rake in the truck, so the second you load it with anything, it's nose up...not a big deal if you never haul anything, but who buys a truck and doesn't plan to use it as one? A certain segment of the population already served by 10 other companies....

See what Dave has said here:

2015 power wagon lift confusion - American Expedition Vehicles - Product Forums

(Video) "In the Shop" 03 : Dave Harriton's AEV Prospector Walk Around

AEV Prospector & Recruit trucks, Dodge & Ram parts discussion - Front Bumper, Hood and Intake, Suspension, Katla and Salta HD Wheels, Fender Flares, Bed and storage/racks and more.

What is your intended use? Use it like a truck / jeep and tow things, high speed desert romping, mall crawling, straight towing and no offroad?
What is the primary reason for lifting your truck? I think users of the AEV system primarily are lifting RAMs/Jeeps to fit larger tires with minimal lift - that is the safest and most stable configuration for all uses. If you want to get approach/departure/ground clearance of a stock jeep, your going to need 37" tires on a RAM, rubicon - better step up for 40" tires. Want to stay stable while doing it, stay low center of gravity. If looks are the reason and you want unnecessary large gaps between fender and tire, than that does not compute for a lift such as AEV's.

At some point adding that much lift is going to start screwing with vehicle stability in a much larger way than a smaller lift as well. If you don't need that much lift to achieve offroad angles/ground clearance, than nothing more good can come from it except instability and risk (ie designed for use in mind+safety not aesthetics). If you have a AEV Prospector near you I would go take it for a drive. Haven't see any powerwagon based ones hit, but drive a 6.4 and then a 6.4 prospector, then go find a 6" or 8" lifted 6.4 and tell me which one is better for towing, offroad use, highway use, towing. If my CTD rides like this, I bet the powerwagons even with regular 6.4L springs ride pretty awesome. BIL has a 06 powerwagon, which are super soft, my truck rides about the same, can haul more, is safer, but is a bit longer.


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