Hall's AEW Dynamite Review 3.15.23 | 411MANIA (2023)

Date: March 15, 2023
Location: Canada Life Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

We’re in Canada this week and that means it is time for…well it doesn’t really mean much but the All-Atlantic Title is now the International Title with Orange Cassidy defending against Jeff Jarrett. Other than that we have MJF’s Re-bar Mitzvah, which should be quite the spectacle. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here is MJF, complete with four women (one of who he kisses) and a chyron that says “Jewish AF” for the Re-Bar Mitzvah. He already had one of these back when he was a kid and it was awesome. Now though, he has beaten Bryan Danielson so it is time to do it again on the big stage because HE IS IRON MAN. MJF says hit the music so here are a bunch of people with a chair, meaning it’s time to dance in a circle (which I believe is a religious tradition)…but here is Jungle Boy to interrupt.

Then it’s Sammy Guevara coming out as well. We’re only missing Darby Allin and as soon as Sammy says “oh Max”, here is Darby to complete the Four Pillars. MJF yells at them for ruining this and asks what they want. All three together: “I want a title match!” (that was clever). Jungle Boy talks about facing MJF at Double Or Nothing 2020, after which Jungle Boy was on Dark and Elevation and Rampage, where MJF never has been. It’s time to change things for MJF and that starts by taking the World Title.

MJF says the company revolves around him, because he is an actual star. Guevara cuts him off and says MJF bought his way into this company. Guevara was only going to be the bump guy for Jericho but he got over on his own. He’s going to be World Champion one day because he is the best ever and you know it. MJF says we appreciate Guevara taking his time out of getting into backstage brawls but Allin cuts him off (a theme is developing here) as well.

Back in 2013, Allin was in film school and turned in a film that the teacher said had to be changed because the school wouldn’t accept it. Allin dropped out of school instead and went to wrestling school, where he said he wasn’t changing a thing. Then he was in Tony Khan’s office and said there would never be a bidding war or him. AEW lets him be himself and there won’t be a bidding war of 2024 like MJF, who wants out of here.

MJF isn’t having this and says Guevara is going to be proposing to a new girl in seven months. Guevara: “Didn’t your fiance leave you?” MJF says he’s the only one who doesn’t have a legend helping him out and that is why he is the only one of the Pillars who can hold this place up. He is off to have his cake so thank you, screw you, bye (for the extra Cornette heat). Then MJF goes into the cake. This was long (too long really), but having these four in the ring, likely setting up a huge four way, is a great thing.

Chris Jericho received an honor from the Winnipeg government, with his home street being honorarily named as “Chris Jericho Way”. That’s pretty cool.

(Video) AEW Dynamite 3/15/23 Review | House Of Black, The Elite & Jericho Appreciation Society TRIOS WAR!

Hangman Page/Dark Order vs. Blackpool Combat Club

It’s Evil Uno/Canada’s Stu Grayson for the Order. Castagnoli takes Uno down and it’s Yuta coming in to take him down again. Grayson comes in to clean some house, including landing on Castagnoli’s face. Everything breaks down and Grayson is taken outside, with a triple spike piledriver dropping him hard as we take a break (because two World Champions spiking a goof on his head on the floor is a spot that sends us to a commercial).

Back with Moxley hitting another piledriver for two on Grayson (with no one making the save). Grayson manages a knockdown of his own and it’s the hot tag to Page to clean house. Everything breaks down and Uno hits a Swanton on Yuta. The parade of shots to the face sets up Grayson Cactus Clotheslining Castagnoli to the floor, leaving us with Page vs. Moxley.

Yuta grabs the ring bell to clock Page though, leaving the Order down 3-2. A chop block cuts Uno down but Grayson sends Castagnoli outside for a big running flip dive. Uno’s double underhook DDT sets up Grayson’s 450 for two on Moxley. The Fatality gets two on Moxley with Castagnoli making the save. Yuta pulls Uno off the apron though and Moxley chokes Grayson out at 13:21.

Rating: D+. This was about as ridiculous as you can get, with the TRIPLE SPIKE PILEDRIVER not doing much of anything to Grayson. Couple that with the Dark Order, down 3-2, giving the entire BCC a run for their money and this was just bizarre. I know the Order has fans, but this went beyond being realistic and was more eye roll inducing than anything else. The action was fine enough, but I didn’t buy most of anything I was watching.

Post match the beating stays on, but John Silver and Alex Reynolds make the save, with the Club running despite having the numbers advantage.

Juice Robinson wants Ricky Starks.

Here’s a look back at the opening segment.

TBS Title: Jade Cargill vs. Nicole Matthews

(Video) AEW Dynamite week 26 review

Cargill, with Leila Grey, is defending. The pump kick sets up Jaded to retain at 42 seconds.

Post match Jade asks if that’s it and even threatens Canadian Renee Paquette. Cue Taya Valkyrie to make the save and beat up Grey with the Road To Valhalla (Jaded). At least she’s a more realistic challenger.

Ricky Starks wants Juice Robinson face to face.

We get the debut of QTV (a QT Marshall TMZ parody) where they mock Wardlow, implying that Powerhouse Hobbs robbed him. They even have Wardlow’s passport so he can’t be here! Hobbs seems ready to fight Wardlow again. Putting the focus on Marshall isn’t seeming to be a brilliant idea. Remember when Hobbs was doing the Book thing and walking around Oakland and explaining his backstory? That’s out and the TMZ parody is in.

International Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy is defending and swaps out for the new title, officially leveling it up. Jarrett (with Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt) armdrags him down to start and hits that strut as the fans aren’t pleased. Cassidy loads up the hands in pockets but gets taken down by the legs. Back up and Cassidy bangs up his leg, allowing Jarrett to mock the Lazy Kicks. That’s broken up and Cassidy makes the comeback but gets sent outside as we take a break.

We come back with Jarrett grabbing the Sharpshooter to stay on the bad knee. That’s broken up as well but the referee gets bumped so Jarrett grabs the guitar. Cue another referee to take it away, but Cassidy takes it away as well. Satnam Singh grabs the guitar, so Cassidy tapes the referee on the shoulder and grabs his knee. Singh is ejected, leaving Cassidy to grab the tornado DDT. The referee checks on Jarrett and Jay Lethal gets in the Golden Globe shot for a close two. Cue Trent Baretta to take out Lethal and the Orange Punch retains the title at 13:38.

Rating: C+. This is a good example of a match that didn’t try to be anything more than goofy wrestling fun and it succeeded. Jarrett knows exactly how to do the over the top silly style while still having a match and they made it work here. If Cassidy stays around this level, he can hold onto that title for a LONG time, as this kind of thing is perfect for him.

We get an Acclaimed music video about how much they love the fans and their general awesomeness.

(Video) WWE RAW 3/13/23 Live Review: Omos & Brock Lesnar Faceoff! Bray Wyatt's Health in Question

Here are the Outcasts for a chat. They talk about how there wouldn’t be a division without them and insult the fans in various ways. We hear bout how many women they have beaten down until Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter run in. The villains beat them down but Riho, Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale run in for the save. This Outcasts stuff still feels rather lame.

The Jericho Appreciation Society isn’t happy with the Acclaimed and tell us to wait until Rampage.

Here’s what’s coming on various shows, with Rey Fenix answering Powerhouse Hobbs’ Open Challenge for the TBS Title.

Trios Titles: House of Black vs. Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Elite

The House is defending and King chops Guevara into the corner to start. Jericho (big pop, including from his father in the crowd) comes in but Omega tags himself in and the place comes to their feet. Everything breaks down quickly though and the champs clear the ring as we take a break.

Back with Jericho backbreakering Black and the Society gets to strike their triple pose. The House fights back and beats down the now legal Nick. An enziguri gets Nick out of trouble and everything breaks down for a bit, with Omega hurricanranaing Matthews into the corner. Jericho comes in to face Omega again and the fans approve, especially as they help clear the ring. The Bucks are back in with the superkicks but King runs them over as we take a break.

Back with Jericho missing the springboard crossbody but Guevara hits a Swanton. King loads up a dive to the floor but gets caught on top, allowing Omega and Jericho to double superplex him down. The Codebreaker gets two on Omega and we cut to the back where the Dark Order is still brawling with the Blackpool Combat Club. Omega cuts off the Lionsault with raised knees but the Meltzer Driver is broken up.

Guevara shooting star presses Matt with King having to make the save. Jericho gets left alone with the House with Dante’s Inferno connecting but Omega makes the save. Jericho gets in a Floyd shot to King and Guevara dives onto a bunch of people but King kicks out anyway. The Judas Effect is cut off by Black Mass and Garcia gets Dante’s Infernoed for the pin at 21:44.

Rating: B. This is a good example of a match where you knew what they were going to do coming into it and that isn’t a bad thing. You knew this was going to have Omega and Jericho as the biggest stars ever, all of the non-tagging insanity and (less guaranteed) the House beating someone not from Winnipeg to retain. With that all known coming in, it was exactly the kind of fast paced, action packed match that it needed to be and it was quite good.

(Video) 🔴AEW Dynamite Live 1/11/23 Review: Adam Cole Returns! Mercedes Mone to AEW? Latest WWE Sale Rumors

Post match Jake Hager comes out to go after the House but gets beaten down as well. Cue the BCC and the Dark Order to brawl to ringside, with Hangman Page following. Page faces off with the Club but the Elite comes up behind him. The Club drops to the floor and Page is left alone with the Elite. Please…..tell me we don’t have more “remember when we were all friends?” speeches coming. Excalibur: “PAGE IS STUCK IN THE MIDDLE! WHAT A MOMENT!” The staredown ends the show, with Page not noticing the Elite behind him. I know they have their audience but I could really go with never seeing the Elite soap opera again.

Blackpool Combat Club b. Dark Order/Hangman Page – Choke to Grayson
Jaded b. Nicole Matthews – Jaded
Orange Cassidy b. Jeff Jarrett – Orange Punch
House Of Black b. Jericho Appreciation Society and Elite – Dante’s Inferno to Garcia

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The final score: reviewGood

The 411


There were some problems here but it felt like they had more of a direction. That’s a step in the right direction and one that I will take, as at least thy seem to be coming together with an idea. Some of these feuds will come together before Double Or Nothing, but there is some potential here for some intriguing feuds going forward. I liked the show well enough and the hot crowd helped a lot.



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