AEW Dynamite results: House of Black spoils title bids by 2 of Winnipeg's finest (2023)

Winnipeggers, who you got: Chris Jericho or Kenny Omega? There’s no real wrong answer to that question as both are among the greats of pro wrestling, but it’s relevant because both men are front and center for a big match on tonight’s AEW Dynamite from Winnipeg.

And if you believe good things come in threes, then you’ll like this a lot: The Elite vs. Jericho Appreciation Society vs. House of Black for the AEW World Trios Championship. That’s a lot of star power in one title match, and it’s pretty darn cool to see big names going for trios gold. Alas, the House just won these belts and isn’t likely to give them up easily, plus we’re assuming their control over AEW’s lighting extends north of the border as well.

Orange Cassidy was a fighting All-Atlantic Champion, and will no doubt keep that same fighting spirit even though his title is now the International Championship. He’s got a veteran challenger in Jeff Jarrett, so it’s possible his reign with this incarnation of the championship might be a short one.

In contrast, MJF has made it clear he doesn’t expect to lose his beloved Triple B, better known as the AEW World Championship, any time soon. He’s not wrestling in Winnipeg, but he is having his re-bar mitzvah ceremony, so … yeah, there’s that.

Last but not least, no one has been bad enough to take the AEW TNBS Championship from undefeated Jade Cargill. She’s put out an open challenge to any Canadian woman to face her for the title tonight, meaning we could see someone who isn’t an AEW regular and will spice things up.

Please scroll down for more details on every match and major non-match segment.

MJF is ready for his re-bar mitzvah, but the other pillars all have something to say to him

MJF wastes no time endearing himself to the Canadian fans by dissing Bret Hart and praising Shawn Michaels. The meaning behind his re-bar mitzvah is that the first one made him a man, while this one is to celebrate becoming the iron man.

The announcers are somewhat speechless as he’s carried around in a chair, but the festivities come to a halt as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry comes down the ramp. Even pro-MJF Taz is curious about why he’s out there.

But Perry doesn’t even get to open his mouth before Sammy Guevara decides to join this party as well. And now Darby Allin is out there too, so all the pillars are present.

MJF is unamused, telling them they’re ruining the re-bar mitzvah, and they respond in unison that they all want a title match. Perry notes that they wrestled at the first pandemic PPV, but their careers went in different directions since then. He’s not happy about MJF getting 20 minutes to do “the same old hokey bullshit” he’s been doing for serval years, and Guevara isn’t about to let him do it either.

(Video) AEW Sign MULTIPLE IMPACT & Ex-WWE Talent | What Happened After Dynamite Went Off Air?

Sammy claims he had to grind to get to AEW and was told he was only going to be the jobber for the Inner Circle, while Allin gives his own back story and a passionate objection about wrestlers who complain about how unhappy they are on Twitter.

MJF is livid now and has personal insults saved up for all three of them, while also pointing out that he’s never needed someone watching his back, ignoring Wardlow, we guess.

He questions whether any of the other pillars deserve a title shot and tells them they’re dismissed so he can eat his cake. The champ then shoves Perry, who hits him in the back of the head with his microphone, and a brawl breaks out that sends MJF out into the cake.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Blackpool Combat Club cheats to beat Hangman Adam Page and Dark Order

It’s nice to see Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, the original two members of Dark Order, together again. They were a tag team division staple in AEW’s earliest days.

Uno and Wheeler Yuta start things off and go toe to toe immediately, with the Canadian Grayson thrilling the fans with his offense against both Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley. He gets a near fall on Claudio, bringing even more cheers.

Grayson eventually gets low bridged to the floor by Yuta, where all of BCC joins forces to give him a spike piledriver. Stu is still the legal man for his side after some picture-in-picture action, somehow kicking out after Mox gives him a second piledriver in the ring.

A running knee strike finally allows Grayson to crawl toward his corner, and he makes the jumping tag to Hangman. The crowd erupts as Page unloads on all of BCC, with Yuta taking the worst of his onslaught.

Uno hits a senton atomico on Yuta, setting off a sequence where just about everyone is hitting some offense. Inevitably, Page and Mox end up squaring off again, hammering each other with strikes.

Page wants the Buckshot but gets nailed in the head by Yuta with the ring bell. Dark Order is fired up but worn down by fighting two on three. Grayson finally gets loose to take flight with a somersault dive to the floor on Castagnoli. Dark Order combines for a cool tandem aerial move that gets a close near fall.

(Video) AEW Dynamite 3/8/23 Review | Wardlow BURIED As Powerhouse Hobbs Win The TNT Championship

Grayson nails Mox with a top rope blockbuster, but Yuta arrives in the nick of time to make the save. He’s been the star of this match, but he ends up getting nailed in the face and placed in a choke by Moxley, to which he has to tap out.

Moxley switches to a bulldog choke, and Castagnoli connects with a big uppercut on Uno. BCC eventually escapes though the crowd as John Silver and Alex Reynolds sprint down to aid their teammates.

Jade Cargill squashes one Canadian but might have an ongoing problem with another

This is a big opportunity for Matthews, but she doesn’t make much of it as she ends up getting pinned by Jaded.

Renee Paquette tries to get a word with Cargill, who looks like she’s menacing the announcer before kissing her on the forehead. Jade asks if there is anyone else, which brings Taya Valkyrie to the ring.

Taya steps in the ring and gets right in Jade’s face, and she easily takes out Leila Grey with Jade’s own finisher.

Orange Cassidy levels up despite plenty of hijinks to retain the International Championship

Jarrett gets to do his famous strut very early on as the announcers debate the condition of Cassidy’s knee. You may recall Jarett broke a guitar over it last week.

The knee bothers Cassidy on a leapfrog, giving JJ a chance to mock the champ again. Orange is unamused, turning into his more aggressive self. He takes some time to mess with Sonjay Dutt at ringside but gets knocked off the apron as side-by-side ads arrive.

Satnam Singh gets involved as well, throwing Cassidy back into the ring when the referee isn’t looking. Jarrett gets a Sharpshooter locked in, but Cassidy is able to roll out of it and reverse it into one of his own.

(Video) AEW Dynamite Mar 15, 2023 Review! The Elite SAVE Hangman Adam Page! | WrestleTalk Podcast

Now JJ looks for a sleeper, and Cassidy is fading while in the hold. The ref lifts his arm but it stays up the third time, and a jawbreaker frees him from Jarrett’s grasp. Singh gets in another cheap shot for Jarrett to hit a kneebreaker and apply the Figure Four.

Can Cassidy make it from the middle of the ring to the ropes? His shoulders are down and the ref makes several two counts. He finally digs down and punches his way free.

Back and forth they go with strikes until Cassidy gets shoved into the ref. Dutt slides Jarrett a guitar, but Aubrey Edwards is on her way down and having none of it. Cassidy rolls up an arguing Jarrett for two.

Eventually, Singh ends up with the guitar, and Cassidy points it out to Edwards, who ejects Singh and Dutt from the match.

With the first ref stirring, Cassidy hits a spinning DDT. But as Jarrett distracts the ref, Jay Lethal hustles in and hits the champ with the Golden Globe trophy. Orange somehow kicks out, and Trent Beretta arrives to neutralize Lethal. Cassidy scores with the Orange Punch and retains his leveled up title.

The Outcasts want to tell you all a story, but it's not one the other AEW women enjoy

Ruby Soho says the grass used to be greener in AEW until some bitches came along and peed on it. What do they do with bitches? Saraya says they show them that AEW is their house. Without the Outcasts, there wouldn’t even be a women’s division.

Toni Storm says the fans don’t even know what they want, so the Outcasts aren’t going anywhere. They’re having too much fun going through one entitled rookie after another, but some of them aren’t rookies.

When they invoke the name of Jamie Hayter, she and Britt Baker spring to the ring. Their attack, while brave, goes poorly due to the numerical disadvantage. Baker takes Destination Unknown while Hayter tastes Storm Zero, but a pipe-wielding Riho, Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale run down to the rescue.

The House of Black spoils the championship bids of two of Winnipeg's own

The crowd immediately comes to life for both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, though it’s Daniel Garcia and Brody King who start out … and none of The Elite want any part of tagging in. Jericho is willing, however, and King tags out to Malakai Black.

Omega reaches out and tags Black’s back so he can face Jericho, and the cheers are insane. Everyone else invades the ring, however, and we’ve got side-by-side ads.

Jericho gives Black a backbreaker when the broadcast is back in full, and the JAS takes a moment to pose as a group. Daniel Garcia works over Black with help from Sammy Guevara, and the champs look like they need a tag.

Nick Jackson tags himself in for the first time, taking it to both Garcia and Guevara. He battles his way out of the champs’ corner, but then gets caught and thrown into a knee strike by Black.

Buddy Matthews continues some impressive offense by the House, but Omega tags in and has snapdragons for Matthews and King. Omega’s moonsault on Matthews is good for a two count.

That sets up another faceoff between the two Winnipeg boys, and they dump the House out for trying to interfere. Jericho eats a jumping knee, but then it’s just a chain of signature moves by everyone in the match.

Omega snapdragons Matthews and signals for more. Jericho intercepts him with the Walls of Jericho, and the Bucks have invited nearly everyone to the Superkick Party.

Omega and Jericho battle it out more during picture-in-picture with neither giving an inch. Omega launches into a tope con hilo to bring the fans to a crescendo again, and the Jacksons look to neutralize the House. Garcia and Guevara meet them on the top turnbuckles to deliver a superplex and Spanish Fly, respectively.

King gets inspired to fly as well, but Omega cuts him off, then joins him up top. Jericho takes over, and Omega cracks King with a jumping knee. Omega and Jericho join forces to superplex King, which also is obviously quite popular.

In the back, cameras catch the BCC and Dark Order still scrapping.

Matt Jackson does his rolling Northern Lights suplexes to Garcia, but Nick Jackson jumps into a Codebreaker. The JAS is rolling as Guevara hits a Shooting Star Press, but King breaks up the pin.

The House of Black runs from corner to corner dishing out damage to Garcia and Guevara. Jericho bravely steps to all of the champs, but he gets hit with Dante’s Inferno and Omega has to make the save.

(Video) Wardlow v Hobbs for the TNT Title + Orange Cassidy v Lethal | AEW Control Center: Sacramento, 3/8/23

Amidst the chaos, Jericho is able to hit King in the face with his bat Floyd as Guevara hits a Shooting Star Press to the floor on The Elite. King kicks out, and Jericho gets blasted in the face with a kick.

Garcia is still apparently the legal man through all this, and he gets hit with Dante’s Inferno and isn’t able to kick out.

(Video) AEW Dynamite 3/15/23 POST Show | REWIND-A-DYNAMITE


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