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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns from the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California this evening for the latest episode of their weekly two-hour AEW on TBS television program.

On tap for tonight’s AEW Dynamite show, which kicks off at 8/7c, is the latest from the Jericho Appreciation Society, and the final match of the Best Of 7 Series between The Elite and Death Triangle — a ladder match for the AEW Trios Championship.

Also scheduled for the program this evening is Bryan Danielson vs. Konosuke Takeshita, “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley, Hook & Jungle Boy vs. Big Bill & Lee Moriarty, as well as Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs. Saraya & Toni Storm.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from Wednesday, January 11, 2023. The following report was written by reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-10pm EST. on TBS.


This week’s show kicks off with the usual AEW Dynamite opening theme and accompanying video, and then we shoot inside the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, CA. where Excalibur welcomes us to the show on commentary.

Jon Moxley vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Taz and Tony Schiavone join him on the call and then we head right down to the ring for our opening contest. With that said, “Wild Thing” hits and out comes Jon Moxley, making his custom entrance through the crowd as the L.A. crowd goes nuts.

As Mox comes to the ring, the commentators talk about this being a match that was up in the air due to “Hangman” Adam Page’s medical status, with all three referring to it as a very emotional showdown between these bitter rivals.

With Mox settled into the ring, the familiar sounds of “Hangman” Adam Page’s theme plays. For the first time in 85 days, Page makes the walk to the ring for a match looking truly determined. Even Excalibur points out on commentary that he doesn’t stop at the top of the ramp as per usual, instead marching straight to the ring.

Once “Hangman” settles into the ring, the bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our opening contest. Page and Mox meet in the middle of the ring and immediately start duking it out with a passion. The crowd goes crazy as Page starts to beat Mox down in the corner with big kicks and punches.

The two start trading in the center of the ring and again Page starts to get the better of things. Mox ends up with a handful of Page’s hair and uses it to slam Page down head-first into the mat. The commentators point out how Page has concussion issues so that was a vicious spot from “The Purveyor of Violence.”

From here on, Mox takes over. He grounds Page after biting him in the corner of the ring, and isolates his attack on the arm of the fellow former AEW Champion. Mox hits a big German suplex that dumps Page on the back of his head again.

A t-bone suplex from “Hangman” finally buys him some time, but he is still moving slow and getting up slow. He heads to the ring apron foggy-headed, presumably thinking Buckshot Lariat, but Mox clears the cob-webs before he does and bumps Page off the ring apron and out to the floor.

We see Mox head out to the floor after Page to deliver some follow-up offense. When he goes to roll Page back into the ring, he stops and says something to the crowd but this allows Page to catch him off-guard with a lariat that nearly turns him inside-out on the floor.

Back in the ring, Page is quickly on the receiving end of a beat down again, as Mox catches him off-guard with an even bigger clothesline to even up the lariat scoreboard. As Mox continues to work over Page in the ring, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see the action still in progress. We see Page start to fire up and take over. He hits a crazy high spot from the ring to the floor on Mox, but again bashes the back of his head on the barricade in doing so.

As the match resumes in the ring, we see Page again go for his Buckshot Lariat, but Mox avoids it and turns Page inside-out. He then elbows the p*ss out of him on the mat before locking him in a choke. The ref checks on Page as the fans break out in a loud “This is Awesome!” chant.

Mox ends up pile-driving the snot out of Page, literally, and goes for the immediate follow-up cover, but Page kicks out at one. When he does, Mox smiles. Mox gets up and kicks the crap out of Page while he’s on his knees, but Page ends up catching one of the kicks and standing up. Mox escapes Page’s grasp and ends up slapping a choke on him.

Page goes for something and we end up seeing a wicked Dead Eye spot. Both guys end up down as the ref begins his double count. Mox is up first and looks pissed. Page is up next and he looks determined as well. From their knees, the two trade thunderous elbows, punches and headbutts.

Mox ends up getting the better of the exchanges but Page then springs to life out of nowhere and the two begin another lengthy back-and-forth strike-fest as the crowd goes absolutely bonkers. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat yet again and this time connects. He goes for the follow-up pin attempt and gets the 1-2-3. Great opener.

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page

(Video) Who left LA with the AEW World Trios Championship? | AEW Dynamite, 1/11/23

Dr. Sampson Checks On Jon Moxley After The Match

Once the match wraps up, we see “Hangman” Adam Page celebrating the big win and highlights are shown. After this dies down, his music stops and the commentators point out that Dr. Sampson is in the ring checking on Jon Moxley, who is still down.

The camera shows “Hangman” Page looking concerned as he heads to the back. We head to a commercial break on that note. When we return from the break, we see footage again of Mox being checked on by doctors after the match.

Story-Time With Adam Cole … Bay-Bay!

From there, we see Tony Schiavone in the ring and he introduces his guest at this time — none other than Adam Cole. The fan-favorite makes his way to the ring to a huge rock-star reception and then the crowd does his “Boom!” and “Adam Cole … BAY-BAY!” intro routine along with him.

When his music dies down, he gets on the mic and says, “Who’s ready for story-time with Adam Cole …BAY-BAY?!” The fans pop. Cole says this is a bit of a good news, bad news situation. He begins his story and talks about being a nine year old kid who wanted nothing more than to be a pro wrestler.

He says he’s got to do some great stuff as a wrestler and points out being a performer for AEW, the best wrestling company in the world, here in Los Angeles. The fans give him a big pop. He says his time away has reminded him how much he misses being here.

He says the past few months he had shoulder issues and two back-to-back, very serious head injuries. He says he was really scared and seeing doctors multiple times a week. He talks about waking up in the middle of the night and freaking out Britt Baker while pacing and dealing with headaches, vomiting in cars, etc.

He says the fans were there for him more than they realized by posting about missing him and other comments. Cole gets choked up while talking through all of this. He then says it’s time now to get into the bad news.

The bad news isn’t for him, he says with a dead-serious look in his eyes. He says the bad news is for the AEW locker room — because Adam Cole is back. The fans go nuts after hearing this. “I’m not going anywhere!” he adds. He claims he’s only scratched the surface of what he’s capable of.

He tells everyone to remember this day, as it’s the day the new Adam Cole was born. He says an Adam Cole who will make a promise — one day, no matter how long it takes, only one man will be on top of the mountain in All Elite Wrestling. “And Los Angeles, his name …” he concludes, letting the fans chant, “Adam Cole …BAY-BAY!” as his exclamation point to an excellent return promo. Great stuff.

The Acclaimed To Get Stars On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

We shoot to a special message from The Acclaimed and “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn. They talk about being ready for AEW Rampage in Hollywood. They run down some celebrities like Rosanne Bar, Johnny Depp, Donald Trump and others. They talk about joining them now that they will be getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They finish by saying “scissors will live forever.”

Big Bill & Lee Moriarty vs. Hook & Jungle Boy Jack Perry

We return inside the Kia Forum and out comes Big Bill and Lee Moriarty, accompanied by Stokely Hathaway. The three head down to the ring and settle inside as their music dies down.

Now the theme for Hook plays and out comes the FTW Champion to the sounds of Action Bronson. He stops half-way down the entrance ramp and then the familiar sounds of Jungle Boy Jack Perry’s theme hits.

The crowd pops and out he comes to join Hook. The two head to the ring together from there and settle inside for our next match here on this week’s Dynamite. The bell sounds and we see Jungle Boy and Lee Moriarty kick things off for their respective teams.

We see Jungle Boy establish the early offensive lead and then he brings Moriarty to his side of the ring, where he tags Hook in. The FTW Champion enters the ring, picking up where Perry left off, taking it to Moriarty. He brings him down to the mat and looks for a submission, but Moriarty escapes.

Hook blasts him down with a shoulder block and tags Jungle Boy back in. We see Stokely Hathaway get involved for the first time, grabbing Perry’s boot from ringside. This shifts the momentum into the heel duo’s favor, and Big Bill tags in to add to their offensive lead. He takes it to Jungle Boy and then mocks the crowd while he’s down.

Jungle Boy starts to show signs of life, but Big Bill blasts him with a big boot, knocking him off the ring apron where he crashes and burns out on the floor down below. On that note, we switch gears and head to a mid-match commercial break as the action in this tag-team contest continues.

As we settle back in from the commercial break, we see Big Bill and Lee Moriarty are still in control of things. Big Bill ends up in the ring with Hook, who tries standing toe-to-toe with him. Big Bill shucks him off after an attack from behind but then when they square off again, Hook launches Big Bill with a huge suplex.

Big Bill rolls out to the floor and looks back with wide eyes in disbelief. Lee Moriarty tries to capitalize on the moment with a roll-up from behind, but Jungle Boy kicks out. Moments later he locks in the Snare Trap on Moriarty, who taps out.

Winners: Hook & Jungle Boy Jack Perry

(Video) 13 Matches: Top Flight, Christopher Daniels, Kiera Hogan, Dark Order & More! | Dark, Ep 177

Renee Paquette With Special Guests

We see Renee Paquette with a special guest Paul Houser, who has a big mystery box, which he promises to unveil on AEW Rampage. We see Danhausen acting goofy and Orange Cassidy walks in, Houser asks if he and The Best Friends are all still cool.

They all do a big hands-in spot and that’s that. Odd segment. After this, we head to another commercial break.

MJF Roasts Bryan Danielson, Konosuke Takeshita, Ken Jeong & Freddie Prinze Jr.

As we settle back in from the break, we hear Konosuke Takeshita’s theme hit and out comes the Japanese wrestling star. Excalibur mentions on commentary that he recently moved to the U.S. to focus on his career in The States.

As Takeshita settles in the ring, instead of the expected theme for his opponent, the entrance music for AEW World Champion MJF hits instead. Out comes “The Devil” with a microphone in-hand. MJF says cut my music. He tells L.A. that “daddy is holding the microphone” and demands their attention.

MJF says hello to Takeshita in Japanese and asks him what is up. He says people on Twitter and Reddit really seem to think he is a big deal. He says he’s proud of him but then admits he hasn’t seen a lick of his stuff. He says when he re-watches the show he fast-forwards it to the only part that matters — his part.

Friedman works Takeshita up when making the obvious joke about his last-name. Takeshita says something angrily in Japanese and MJF tells him around here, we speak American. Takeshita repeats what he said in English, which translated comes to, “I said kiss my ass!” Aubrey Edwards has to separate the two.

He brings up hearing doubt about his ability to last an hour against Bryan Danielson in an Iron Man match. He says we can ask our momma, our sister and our skank girlfriend. He says he’s the hour-man of the business because he’s all about “banging rats.”

The AEW Champion continues as he brings up some celebrities in the house, such as Ken Jeong (a.k.a. Mr. Cho in “Hangover.”). He asks him if that was popular like what, 20 years ago. He brings up his Dr. Ken series on ABC …but then remembers that it got cancelled. “You suck!” he says with a laugh.

Now he points out Freddie Prinze Jr. being in the house. The crowd pops huge and starts chanting the name of the former WWE writer. MJF says we may remember him from “She’s All That,” the movie.

He says he doesn’t because he wasn’t born in 1996 and unlike all of us, he’s not a dinosaur. He says he only remembers him playing a supporting role to a CGI-talking-dog. He says with all due to respect, “Freddie, you ain’t nothing more than a Scooby-dooby-douchebag.”

Bryan Danielson vs. Konosuke Takeshita

He closes with his “My name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and I’m better than you,” line, but before he can say, “and you know it,” the theme for Bryan Danielson hits and “The American Dragon” sprints to the ring.

MJF quickly scurries and runs to the back. Danielson poses on the top rope and MJF comes back out and points to his title around his waist before again heading to the back.

The focus now shifts to Danielson and Takeshita, who are both in the ring. The bell sounds and these two immediately get after it. The two hit the mat and trade excellent submission work, which brings the crowd to life.

As the action continues, we see Takeshita start to take over. As Excalibur begins to cut to mid-match commercial break, he pauses as Danielson starts to shift the momentum back in his favor and take over on offense. Danielson is shown bleeding and as he and Takeshita begin trading chops, we head to that mid-match break.

When we return from the break, we see both guys on the top-rope where a crazy high-spot takes place. Takeshita goes for the cover but doesn’t get it. Now we see some high-spots on the floor, including one where Danielson looked to land badly on his leg. He limps upon getting up.

Takeshita catches a kick from Danielson and connects with a brainbuster on the floor. We are starting to see frequent check-ins to MJF, who is standing with his AEW Championship at a monitor in the back watching the action and seemingly rooting for Takeshita.

Danielson ends up slapping his LeBelle Lock on Takeshita out of nowhere in the ring. Takeshita fights it for a while and eventually makes it to the ropes to force the hold to be broken.

We see Takeshita take over from there and he sets the crowd on fire with his offense, as the L.A. fans are going nuts for each near fall he attempts and are chanting “This is Awesome!” in between spots. Danielson hits his running knee finisher for a super close near fall of his own and the crowd goes nuts when they realize this one still isn’t over yet.

Now we see “The American Dragon” blast Takeshita with some vicious “Yes!” kicks before again applying his LeBelle Lock submission. This time he gets the win. We see an angry MJF watching on via the monitor backstage. After the match, Danielson helps Takeshita up and raises his hand. The crowd loudly applauds their show of respect.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

(Video) OH Scissors me Daddy chant in AEW BATTLE OF THE BELTS Jan,6,2023

Juice Robinson Challenges Darby Allin For TNT Title Match On Rampage

We shoot backstage where Renee Paquette is standing by with Juice Robinson. She asks what he’s doing back in AEW. He says he’s here to kick ass and win championships, and with that in mind, he issues a challenge to Darby Allin for a TNT title showdown on AEW Rampage this Friday night.

Toni Storm & Saraya vs. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Now we head back inside the Kia Forum where Toni Storm’s theme hits and the former interim AEW women’s champion makes her way to the ring. She stops and the theme for Saraya hits. The two finish walking to the ring together.

With the two settled inside their squared circle, Saraya’s theme dies down. Now the familiar sounds of Dr. Britt Baker’s theme hits and out she comes. She stops after fireworks explode and then the theme for her partner, reigning AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter, hits. The two walk the rest of the way to the ring together.

Storm and Hayter kick things off for their respective teams as the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running. Tony Schiavone points out that Britt Baker and Hayter debated for a bit before deciding who would start the match. Storm and Hayter lock-up and these two get after it as this match is now underway.

Saraya ends up tagging in and as the action spills out to the floor, she hits a big splash onto Hayter off the ring apron. Back on the ring apron, she repeatedly blasts Hayter with knees to the dome and then screams out, “This is my house!”

We see Saraya get in some more offense before tagging Storm back in. The two go for a double suplex on Hayter, but instead Hayter connects with a double suplex on both of them by herself. She shouts to the crowd afterwards but her loss of focus results in Storm blasting her from behind.

Hayter ends up fighting her way back into the offensive lead. Once the action spills out to the floor, we see she and Saraya duking it out on one side of the ring, while Baker hits a big DDT on Storm on the other side of the ring. As the brawls continue on the floor, we see Hikaru Shida make her way down from the back to a nice pop.

As Shida settles in at ringside and Baker and Storm continue the fight as the legal participants in the ring, we see Hayter and Saraya still brawling at ringside as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Saraya and Britt Baker both tag in at the same time. They meet in the middle of the ring and immediately start getting after it as the crowd pops inside the Kia Forum. Saraya hits her Night Cap semi-finisher for a close near fall. She again screams out, “This is my house!” As she does, Baker kicks her in the face.

Baker hits a crazy avalanche splash with Storm off the top-rope into a close pin attempt. Somehow Storm survived even though that looked brutal. Hayter hits the Hayte-Breaker on Storm for a close near fall that Saraya breaks up.

Baker sends Saraya to the floor but then Storm comes to life suplexing Hayter on her head and connecting with Storm Zero for a close near fall that Baker breaks up. Baker and Saraya again tag in and now we see Baker with a butterfly sit-down power bomb.

She goes for the cover but Storm kicks her head in to break it up. Storm and Hayter are the legal women again and they start duking it out as the crowd reacts to each shot that lands. Both ladies end up crashing down to the mat after landing big shots at the same time.

At this point we see Shida throw the kendo stick into the ring. Baker gets it and blasts Storm in the spine with it, a shot that the ref didn’t see. Hayter follows up with the cover and the two get the win. Shida looks shocked at this sequence of events after the match. The commentators claim that Shida wasn’t trying to help Baker and Hayter and that Baker intercepted it.

Winners: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz Talk About Trust

Eddie Kingston and Ortiz are shown bickering about trust as they say they got the match they wanted for Rampage against Kings of the Black Throne. “The Mad King” tells Ortiz he hopes he’s happy now and that he better quit questioning him and remember where he knows him from.

Ricky Starks & Action Andretti Confront J.A.S.

The familiar sounds of Fozzy’s “Judas in My Mind” plays as the entire Jericho Appreciation Society make their way to the ring in glittery gold jackets. They all settle inside the ring as the fans finish singing the theme written and performed by the group’s own Chris Jericho.

We hear various members of J.A.S. take turns on the mic. They claim to be “The Saints of Los Angeles” and that L.A. is their town. “Daddy Magic” asks if the fans wanna know what makes his nipples hard. He brings up Jake Hager power-bombing Ricky Starks through a table.

Hager’s goofy purple hat is shown as he smirks. Jericho gets on the mic and says people can boo all they want. They mention it being a big week for the J.A.S. after invading PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. They vow that Tay Melo and Anna Jay A.S. are going to win their Street Fight on Friday’s Rampage.

Jericho then boasts putting Starks through the table, claiming the Ricky Starks Experiment is over. He also touts sending Action Andretti back to the minors. On that note, the familiar sounds of Ricky Starks’ theme hits and out comes “The Absolute One” along with Action Andretti.

(Video) The Elite vs Death Triangle Trio's Championship Ladder Match at AEW Dynamite 11 Jan 2023 Highlights

“The Ocho” taunts Andretti and tells him to go back to the minors. Starks tells the J.A.S. they failed to get the job done when they put him through a table. Andretti mocks Daniel Garcia after he yells at him to shut up, telling him he didn’t know his babysitter Sammy Guevara allowed him to speak. Again the J.A.S. lose their cool and Ricky Starks interrupts and starts mocking the group.

Andretti then mocks Guevara for not being able to control his woman, Tay Melo. Starks tells Jericho to move his wide body to the side and then brings up the goofyball with the purple-helmet, Hager. He brings up how he was a top college athlete until he hooked up with Jericho and now he’s a village idiot.

He says he’s offering Starks and Hager in one-on-one action next week on Dynamite. Excalibur informs us that Tony Khan has already confirmed the match for next week. Hager responds by saying he likes his purple hat. He brings up being a professional MMA fighter. He says he knows Starks has balls because he can see them in his white pants.

He says he’s twice Starks’ size and claims he’s gonna slap his face …off of his face. Starks tells him he’s gonna help him with his speech impediment and claims he’ll be sharing the ring with someone next week who is “absolute.” His theme hits again to end the segment and we head to another commercial break.

Best Of 7 Series (AEW Trios Title Ladder Match)
The Elite (3) vs. Death Triangle (3)(C)

We return from the break to “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts in the middle of the ring. He introduces The Elite and out comes Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) for their seventh and final match in their Best of 7 Series against Death Triangle in a ladder match for the AEW Trios Championships.

The trio settle inside the ring and soak up the adoration from the L.A. crowd. The lights go out and when they come back on, we see Pentagon El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix (The Lucha Bros) as well as “The Bastard” PAC.

The Death Triangle trio, the defending AEW Trios Champions, make their way out and head to the ring as fireworks and pyro explode and the crowd again pops huge. It’s main event time here on AEW Dynamite.

As the two teams are settled into the ring. The bell sounds and we hear Taz, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone joined by Don Callis for special guest commentary. PAC is shown with his nose-protective mask on. All six men collide and splinter off into pairs of two in and around the ring. The crowd reacts as the fight is on.

Now we watch as the Death Triangle trio start to establish the offensive lead, with each of the three guys connecting with big high-spots that pops the crowd. We see Omega clotheslined with a ladder by Penta and PAC. Fenix then drop kicks the ladder into him. The Young Bucks hit crazy dives from the ring to the floor to shift the momentum into The Elite’s favor.

The ladder is brought into the ring and set up in the center under the three belts, where as the commentators explain, only one needs to be taken down. Each guy takes turns heading up the ladder only for a high spot to bring them off the hard way. The pops get louder and louder with each spot. We see a table set up at ringside on the floor.

PAC and Kenny Omega are left alone in the ring together. “The Cleaner” hits a snap-dragon suplex and then as PAC rolls out to the floor, Omega builds up a full head of steam and comes running off the ropes. He flips but no one is home and he crashes and burns through a table on the floor at ringside.

Moments later, we see another big table spot just before we head to a mid-match commercial break as our main event of the evening continues. When we return from the break, we see the action still very much in progress, with the crowd making a ton of noise as Nick Jackson runs up a ladder in the corner and flips onto a Death Triangle member on the floor.

From there, Penta El Zero Miedo is shown alone in the ring with Matt Jackson. The two lock-up but Matt gets the better of the exchange and suplexes Penta onto a ladder laying behind them in the ring. Matt lays Penta on the ladder and then drapes it across the bottom rope. Fenix ends up hurricanrana’ing Nick Jackson off the top-rope and he splashes onto the ladder on the bottom rope. Ouch.

We see PAC spike Omega with a backwards leg-flip and then he German suplexes Jackson. Fenix and Penta follow-up with big spots themselves that gets the fans on their feet. Penta begins to climb the ladder but Matt Jackson stops him. PAC and Penta set up a ladder against the top turnbuckle in the corner.

They go for a double suplex but don’t get it. Instead, The Young Bucks both hit stereo super kicks to take them out. Jackson then hits his repeated Northern Lights suplex sequence on Penta, with the last one slamming him onto the ladder in the corner. Penta is put on a table on the floor.

Jackson heads to the top-rope. He leaps off and connects with a 450 splash that puts him through the table. Back in the ring is the other Young Buck climbing the ladder. Fenix stops him but Jackson kicks him off. Alex Abrahantes hits the ring and pushes the ladder over to make the save.

Brandon Cutler hits the ring and sprays him in the eyes. Omega takes Abrahantes out with a V-Trigger. Omega puts the ladder back up in the middle of the ring as he clutches at his ribs in pain. PAC grabs a hammer and blasts Omega with it before connecting with a Falcon Arrow on the floor.

He heads back into the ring and looks to climb the ladder himself, only for Matt Jackson to climb up the other side. The Lucha Bros set a second ladder long ways into the set-up ladder. This builds a bridge/platform from the middle rope to the middle of the set-up ladder in the middle of the ring.

Penta hits his Fear Factor on the ladder platform to Jackson. Fenix then heads up the ladder to get the belts but Omega heads up the other side. The two start trading shots on the side where the ladder platform is. Omega gets Fenix on his shoulders and hits a One-Winged Angel off the ladder platform to the ring mat down below.

PAC follows up with a Black Arrow off the top but he lands onto the waiting knees of Omega. Omega pops right back up and ascends the ladder while holding his ribs. He pulls down the title belt and folks we have ourselves new AEW Trios Champions. What a great main event and conclusion to the Best of 7 series. Great, great stuff. The Elite pose with the titles on the top of the ladder to wrap up this week’s show. That’s how we go off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winners and NEW AEW Trios Champions: The Elite

We're ONE HOUR AWAY from #AEWDynamite kicking off LIVE from the Fabulous @thekiaforum! Tune in to @tbsnetwork right now!

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