AEW Dynamite Results 3/15/23 (2023)

  • Six-man Tag: Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, & Hangman Page) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, & Wheeler Yuta)
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill vs. ???
  • AEW World Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. Jericho Appreciation Society vs. The Elite
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett

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AEW Dynamite 3/15/23

Live from the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! Taz, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary and we’re starting with the MJF re-Bar Mitzvah!

MJF runs down Bret Hart and puts over Shawn Michaels, of course. MJF tells us his religion is superior and.. we do the chair raising. I’m battling through some wifi issues here so bare with me, but here comes Jungle Boy Jack Perry.

MJF is not thrilled, and let us not forget, Jungle Boy said in 2023 he’s going to win a singles title. However, before Jungle Boy gets a chance to speak…

Here’s Sammy Guevara with a very interesting leather jacket.

As the wifi kicks back in, here’s Darby Allin in the ring as MJF takes a bath in his own birthday cake. All four men all made a case for a title match, the four pillars of AEW!

(Video) What does this mean for the future of the Elite? | AEW Dynamite 3/15/23

Match #1. Six-man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club vs. Hangman Page & The Dark Order

Evil Uno boots Yuta in the jaw as the bell rings and Uno has started hot. Snap suplex by Yuta who pushes Uno back in the BCC corner. Body slam by Claudio before tagging Yuta back in for some heavy chops. The entire arena chants for the returning Stu Grayson, but inside the ring Yuta gets a two count. Yuta cheap shots Page but that allows Uno to tag Grayson! Grayson with a Meteora off the top to Claudio and a uranage to Moxley! Diving tornado DDT off the middle rope by Grayson to Claudio and a twisting senton off the middle rope for a two count! Grayson gets sent into the ropes but Yuta low bridges him and that sends Grayson to the floor and hard. Triple team spike piledriver by the BCC on the floor! Backdrop suplex by Moxley on to Grayson back in the ring for two. Single leg Boston Crab by Moxley before tagging Claudio, who just decides to stomp the head of Grayson. Grayson counters with a jaw breaker but Claudio floors him with a European uppercut for two. Piledriver attempt by Moxley and he spikes him! 2.999. Hangman has yet to be involved in this mach as Moxley lights Grayson up in the counter with some chops and lariats. Rebound pump knee by Grayson! Page and Yuta now legal. Big boot to Yuta and a double jump lariat to Moxley on the apron. Lariat to Yuta! Yuta counters a powerbomb but gets caught with the pop-up powerbomb instead and a senton atomico by Uno! Claudio breaks up the pin but gets taken to the outside by Grayson. Page and Moxley are legal and the arena is coming to their feet! HUGE clothesline by Hangman but Moxley distracts the referee as Yuta takes Page out with the ring bell! Grayson and Uno are furious and sprint to the ring to take out Moxley and Claudio. Chop block by Yuta takes out Uno from behind. Grayson evades a charging Claudio and jumps OVER the turnbuckle to the outside! Paradigm Shift by Uno to Moxley! 450 by Grayson to Moxley as Uno crushes Yuta in the corner with a diving cannonball! FATALITY BY UNO AND GRAYSON! Yuta breaks up the pin! Pele by Grayson but a blind tag to Claudio. Hurricanrana on to Claudio for two. Moxley takes out Uno on the apron before throwing Grayson into Claudio, who connects with the pop-up European uppercut! Moxley locks in the rear naked choke and Grayson is out!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Rating: ***3/4. Awesome match here and Stu Grayson should be BACK fulltime. BCC are officially 100% bad guys here, and seemingly the Dark Order is more over than ever. Entertaining match with everyone looking great.

Moxley transitions to the bulldog choke after the bell and the beatdown continues. Running European to Uno, who’s being held by Moxley and Yuta.

Match #2. AEW TBS Championship Canadian Open Challenge: Jade Cargill vs. Nicole Matthews

I’m assuming there will be a swerve here, but… Jade invites Nicole to take the first shot, and does. Pump kick by Cargill. Jaded. Finito.

(Video) AEW Heads to Winnipeg for the First Time Ever! | AEW Control Center: Winnipeg, 3/15/23

Winner and STILL AEW TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Rating: NR

Renee now in the ring with Jade. Jade challenges Renee since Renee is from Canada, shoves her in the corner, and takes the microphone. Jade asks if that is all Canada has to offer?

Enter… Taya Valkyrie!

Taya gets face to face with Jade and seemingly challenges her for the TBS championship. Jade leaves the ring as Taya gets attacked from behind by Leila Grey.. who gets planted with the champ’s own move, Jaded.

(Video) AEW Dynamite 3/15/23 Review | House Of Black, The Elite & Jericho Appreciation Society TRIOS WAR!

It’s time for the debut of QTV, which is apparently the same format at TMZ, with The Factory sitting around an office. Footage is shown of someone breaking into Wardlow’s car and stealing all of his stuff, including the AEW TNT title. The masked man takes his hood off and it’s… Aaron Solow! QT makes fun of Wardlow’s haircut and comments on “ruthless aggression”, as everyone compares him to Batista. Brutal. Hobbs welcomes Wardlow to “Will’s World, b****!”

Match #2. AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh

Hip toss by Jarrett followed by the Fargo Strut. Cassidy walking gingerly on his left knee, which Jay Lethal worked over heavily in their match last week. Jarrett ducks an Orange Punch and Cassidy comes down awkwardly on his knee after a leapfrog. Jarrett mocks Cassidy’s kicks and that fires Cassidy up, who lights Jarrett’s chest up with heavy chops. Both men fight throughout the crowd through the commercial break, and unless I’m missing something, that’s the longest twenty-count in the history of man. Satnam Singh picks Cassidy up by the belt and tosses him in the ring, directly into a Jeff Jarrett Sharpshooter. Cassidy rolls over and applies an inverted Sharpshooter of his own as Jarrett gets to the ropes. Sleeper by Jarrett but Cassidy drops Jarrett with a jawbreaker and counters with a sleeper of his own. Sonjay distracts the referee as Singh whiplashes Cassidy over the top rope. Shin breaker by Jarrett, who looks for the figure four. Cassidy with an Orange Punch but Jarrett moves and throws Cassidy into the referee. The guitar is in the ring! Aubrey is here and pulls the guitar out of Jarrett’s hands. Roll up by Cassidy gets two. Jarrett kicks the leg out of from under Cassidy and gets in Aubrey’s face. Cassidy grabs the guitar but it’s taken by Singh, as Cassidy shows Aubrey Singh with the guitar, before kicking them out! Tornado DDT by Cassidy and it’s Orange Punch time! Jarrett pleads with the referee as Lethal slides in from behind and cracks Cassidy with the Golden Globe! Lethal ducks out and Jarrett covers! 1, 2…. no! Trent is here and he fights Lethal to the back! Orange Punch by Cassidy but the knee buckles! Jarrett looks for The Stroke, but Cassidy shoves him off and hits a one-legged Orange Punch for the win!

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Rating: **3/4. I am an absolute sucker for Memphis house show chicanery, and that’s what we got here. Jarrett is just unbelievable at what he does, and Cassidy is a perfect suitor. Cassidy told the story of the injured knee the entire match, and it came into play several times. Ref bumps, foreign objects, all the gimmicks you can imagine and it just worked.

A new rap video from The Acclaimed is shown.

(Video) my reaction to 3/15/23 AEW DYNAMITE results #thanku511 subs #onmyway600

The Outcasts are here. Ruby Soho no longer has the Ruby Soho entrance, unfortunately, but it had to be that way. Ruby calls the AEW Women’s Division a bunch of bitches that aren’t housebroken. Yikes. Saraya calls them “entitled t***s.” Wooooof. Toni then laments that she was only the “interim” champion, before running down the AEW homegrown women.

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter are here! A brawl breaks out with the Outcasts beating down Baker and Hayter. Destination Unknown to Baker and Storm Zero to Hayter, but Riho, Skye Blue, and Willow Nightingale are here to make the save!

Match #4. AEW World Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. The Elite vs. Jericho Appreciation Society

Crowd is electric as both Omega and Jericho are in their hometown! Brody King and Sammy Guevara to start. Guevara gets chopped down hard so he tags Garcia, who suffers the same fate. Garcia looks for a way out but both Guevara and Jericho back off the apron. King tags Jericho and the arena comes unglued! King circles and Omega tags himself in! Omega and Jericho, face-to-face, in their hometown! The House of Black attack both men from behind as we go to commercial. King pairs off with Jericho inside the ring, grounding him with some chops and a chinlock. Black gets the tag and narrowly avoids a Judas Effect! Black Mass by Black is ducked by Jericho, who comes back with a butterfly backbreaker for two. Guevara gets the tag and it’s a pair of running back elbows to Black. Boots to Garcia and Guevara by Black but Nick tags himself in. Arm drag/tieres combo by Nick. Nick now in the HOB corner an outside in face buster to Black and a moonsault off the apron to Matthews, but Matthews catches him and throws him back in the ring, right into a Black rising knee! Matthews is legal now as Nick catches him with an enziguiri and gets the tag to Omega. Crossbody to Matthews and Polish Hammers to the JAS. Snap dragon to Black! Snap dragon to King! YOU CAN’T ESCAPE to Matthews! One, two, no! Snap dragon to Matthews but Matthews blocks it. Hurricanrana by Omega! Jericho gets the tag and it’s Jericho and Omega face-to-face again. HOB charge them again but Jericho and Omega dispose of them as a team. Hockey fight! V-Trigger to Jericho1 Rising knee by Garcia to Omega! Lariat by King to Garcia! Diving cutter by Guevara to King! Black Mass to Guevara! Superkick to Black! Assisted slice bread by the Bucks! Knee strike to Nick! Meteora to Matt by Matthews! Snap dragon to Matthews by Omega! V-Trigger to Matthews but Jericho cuts him off and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Superkicks to Jericho by the Bucks! To Matthews! To Guevara! To King! SUPERKICK PARTY! King doesn’t care and lariats both Bucks! Woooof. Everyone is down as Jericho and Omega fight from their knees. Omega ducks a double jump dropkick from Jericho, sending Jericho to the floor. Terminator by Omega sends Jericho crashing into the guard rail! Moonsault by Nick takes out the entire House of Black. Nick and Matt go up on both corner, but Guevara and Garcia shut that down. Garcia with a superplex and Guevara with an avalanche Spanish Fly! King now goes up top but Omega catches him from behind. Omega meets King on the top rope but King fights him off. Jericho now tries to fight King off the top, to no avail. V-Trigger by Omega to King on the top rope! Omega asks for Jericho’s help! Double team suplerplex by Omega and Jericho! Code Breaker by Jericho but Omega is out at two! A split-screen is shown with The Dark Order and BCC fighting in the parking lot. Omega and Jericho back in the ring swinging on each other. Throat thrust by Jericho and a Lionsault attempt, but Omega gets the knees up! Tag to Matt and it’s the forever Northern Light’s suplexes. Two. Three. Guevara is here and it’s four for all! Meltzer Driver but Jericho catches Nick in the air with a Code Breaker! Shooting Star Press by Guevara to Matt! King breaks up the count and avalanches Guevara in the corner. Garcia gets squashed in the other corner too. Cannonball with a Black boot to Guevara! One to Garcia! House of Black throws the lifeless Guevara to the corner to tag Jericho, and Jericho is in. Dante’s Inferno to Jericho! Omega breaks up the count! Jericho has Floyd and jabs King in the face! Shooting Star Press by Guevara takes out the Bucks on the floor but King is out at two! Judas Effect by Jericho but Black catches him with the Black Mass! Black Mass to Garcia and the Dante’s Inferno finish this one!

Winners and STILL AEW Trios Champions: House of Black

Rating: ****1/4. What a match. The AEW trios division is their best division, without a doubt. BANGER AFTER BANGER, as Sheamus would say. House of Black winning seemed like a foregone conclusion considering they won the titles just ten days ago, but what a match we got out of it. The Jericho/Omega story was awesome, Brody King is a star, and the crowd ruled.

(Video) AEW Sign MULTIPLE IMPACT & Ex-WWE Talent | What Happened After Dynamite Went Off Air?

Jake Hager attacks the House of Black as the Dark Order and BCC fight spills to the ring from the back. Hangman Page is in the ring by himself as the BCC circle him… but The Elite are here to back Page! The BCC retreat as Page has yet to turn around as we fade to black…

Final Thoughts: Four matches… on a Dynamite? And one of them was a squash!? What a different look for Dynamite this week. More storyline isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just… different. The “six-man tag” between BCC and Dark Order and the trios main event were tremendous, and the Hangman/Elite storyline finally taking a big step is very entertaining television. I’m also all in on the Outcasts, and it’s tough to dislike them, especially since they’re telling the truth. All villains have an origin story and theirs is easy to follow. Four pillars of AEW world championship feud? Don’t know where it came from, but the matches should be great. Entertaining stuff all around tonight, if not a bit slower than usual. 7/10.


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